About Us

About 4 years ago I began having pain in my hands and fingers. Along with the pain of Osteo Arthritis came swelling and the familiar “crooked” fingers and while they looked terrible they hurt worse. I was taking ibuprofen during the day and at night and using a multitude of topical rubs. The pain continued to progress to the point that I could hardly use my hands. Typing on the computer, trying to open a simple jar or shaking someone’s hand was very painful. When the pain elevated to the point that I was missing sleep I decided it was time to see my doctor. He prescribed a pain medication called Tramadol. Even though I hate being in pain I’ve always been cautious with any sort of pain meds. I’ve known too many people that became addicts as a result of an injury, or some other medical condition, however; I did begin taking the Tramadol as prescribed. Oddly enough it did very little. I was still taking ibuprofen and using the topical rubs with the Tramadol.

The news and articles on CBD oil products were beginning to surface and they all talked about the benefits it had and how in studies CBD oil helped with arthritis pain, epilepsy seizures, psoriasis, depression, anxiety, and all with no THC to make you “high”. I read everything I could find until I felt somewhat “educated” then I ordered CBD oil products for the first time. Yes, I was still very apprehensive and doubtful, I had never even tried marijuana or anything like that in my life! I started with 10mg of tincture for about a week but I really didn’t see any difference in the pain so I increased it to 20mg. It took about 8 or 9 days to reach its full potential but I was seeing a noticeable difference. I was taking less Tramadol and I was much better but I wanted off the Tramadol so I increased the CBD to 25mg. That was the “magic” number for me! Not only were my hands no longer in constant pain but I began to just “naturally” feel better overall and I was sleeping again. I’ve been on 25mg of CBD (a capsule) for the past 3 years, no other pain medication at all. Sometimes in the really cold weather or if I’ve used my hands excessively, I’ll use a CBD oil topical if I notice a tinge of pain or stiffness. I know what CBD does for me every day and I know there are thousands of other people who have discovered what I have about the benefits of CBD. I also realize there are millions of people who suffer from a myriad of aches, pains, and illnesses like Epilepsy, Psoriasis and Arthritis that could benefit from our Mississippi CBD oil products. Educate yourself, it’s a choice. Life is short, choose happiness!